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3 new blog articles

To publish/edit these articles on your site please follow the course Publishing Your Blog Posts.

  • Stop Doing It For The ‘Gram
  • Not Just Your Type
  • Work, Play, Compete, or Live Forever

A Brand New Page Library

Never start a page from scratch, use our page library to jump-start your landing page, event page, new homepage, and any other page on your site!

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We’ll be adding new pages to the page library every week!


Want a fresh home page? Have an event coming up? 

Use the page library to give your site a fresh new look in a couple of minutes or to create a landing page for your upcoming event. Never start from scratch again, never wonder if you have the right content on your page. Simply download the right page from the library.

To access the page library simply click Add in the top right of your site dashboard.


3 Brand New Button Styles

Change the feel of your site by selecting a brand new button style!

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Access your button styles by logging into your Site Dashboard and clicking Settings -> Design-> Typography.

See all the designs for yourself:

Small Header Tweaks 

After doing some testing we found the following tweaks improvided header clickability. Click below to see the changes.

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A new layout for the phone number layout to utilize space better and a new menu icon that generates more clicks.