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The conversation has changed.

Just a few years ago, gym owners came to us because they needed professional-looking websites. They wanted to look better than their competition.

Now, the conversation has shifted to lead generation and conversion. Gym owners are becoming more business savvy. They’re asking better questions , and want more than just a great-looking website: they want a marketing solution.

Here are six components of a website that converts leads into members:

1. A Clear Path

Before you build a website, it’s important to understand your potential client’s pain points, needs, and wants. Your website’s language, photos, and video will help drive the message you want to send and will give your potential client confidence that you know what you are talking about and can solve their problems.

ACTION: Take out some paper and detail the process a potential client takes from the first time they visit your website until they have been a member for a couple of months. This crucial exercise will help you see holes or walls that keep people from coming in, joining, or sticking around. Plus it will let you develop a better customer experience you can consistently deliver. REMEMBER: see it through THEIR eyes!

2. Your Strategic Advantages Are Clear

AndreHow is your gym unique from the competition? If the only thing that separates you from other gyms is price, then you have some work to do. We know the value you bring to your community is worth every penny you charge. Your goal is to clearly convey that message through your website and online presence. Just remember your strategic advantage needs to align with what your client wants and the results you want them to achieve.

ACTION: Take another piece of paper and list some of your Strategic Advantages. This is not an easy process, but once you nail it down, everything you do can carry this message. Some examples would be: First gym in your area (most experienced), Coaches who have lost weight (we’ve been in your shoes), Stratified Pricing Model (don’t pay for anything you don’t want), or even cleanliness. Beware: everyone will claim to have the best coaches and community!

3. Clear Calls To Action (CTAs)

The best websites offer visitors the opportunity to interact with you and take action. Examples: attend a free intro class, or come in for a free No-Sweat intro. Most gym websites never ask the visitor to take that next step. They just offer info on their site and expect the visitor to know what to do next. Think of your website as a roadmap, taking a lead from A to B. If you can get a lead in the door, we know your conversion goes way up to turn them into a member. The breakdown usually happens when someone visits your site, doesn’t know what to do next, and just leaves your site.

ACTION: Take a fresh look at your website. Is there a clear CTA on every page asking a visitor/lead to take the next step? If not, then quick changes need to be made to your site. You are losing potential members.

4. Good Content

You need to become the trusted resource for all things health/fitness in your area. Let me repeat: You need to become the trusted resource for all things health/fitness in your area. It’s that important. Not only for Google to rank you well,  but because it’s essential to showcase your expertise outside the box as well. Visitors to your website, as well as your members, need to see you as the authority in your local area. Expertise can come in the form of social proof, success stories, educational posts, teaching videos, etc. 321Go has built our business on content. If you are reading this article, you are either a first-time visitor or you already know we put out a ton of content to help gym owners be successful.

ACTION: You don’t have to do it alone! If you have coaches, require them to create one piece of content per month for your website. This can be a written post, teaching video, success story interview, curated content from another source, etc. If it’s you and three other coaches, that is four pieces of content per month and you are well on your way to establishing your gym as the local health authority.

5. Build and Nurture Your Email List

Your most valuable asset is your list of friends.. 95% of people visiting your site are NOT ready to commit on their first visit; they are simply interested. You need to decide the best way to capture their email to continue the conversation.

You never go fishing without bait; why would you ask for someone’s email without offering some type of value back? What “Bait” (or lead magnet) will you use to hook them? Simply asking them to signup for your newsletter doesn’t work. Would you signup for your own newsletter?

ACTION: Is there a simple checklist, how-to, ebook, or educational video that you can easily create that visitors would need to provide their email to you that they could then access? Then you could begin to nurture them with value based content that shows your expertise and helps them realize choosing your gym is in their best interest. Click on the example below for an ebook created for a client (Scroll down on their website)
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 2.58.20 PM

6. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website Conversion Engine

responsiveMake sure your site can be viewed on all platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iMac, PC, and any other smart phone. Google requires your site be responsive. See why this is important and if yours is mobile friendly.

Your site needs to be found wherever people are looking. This course will help tremendously.

Don’t create a new website simply because you have grown tired of the old one; create a new website to meet these two objectives/goals: Attract more people – potential clients – easily to your site and convert visitors of your site into actual customers.

Your website is your best online marketing tool to generate new leads and get more members in the door. If you are wondering if your site is effective, take us up on our free website consultation.