Important Announcement: 321Go Websites Hosted Through Wodify Subscriptions will expire on February 21st, 2024.

Wodify is ending its support for 321Go websites due to a price increase, necessitating a new subscription and website rebuild under their new pricing. However, 321Go offers a seamless transition to maintain your existing website without the hassle. Leverage our expertise in web development since 2011 to save both time and money.

This must be a confusing transition. So we’ve put together a Q&A sesh to answer some common questions.

Q. What will happen to my website after Wodify is no longer supporting my subscription?

A. Wodify’s price increase will go into full effect on February 21st, 2024. If your 321Go website hosting and support subscription was billed through your Wodify package, it will expire on this date. A blank page with your business’s contact information will appear when visitors land on your site.

BONUS. As a courtesy, 321Go will store all of your website data, images, and content as-is for up to 30 days. This means you will be able to have your site live immediately upon establishing a hosting and support subscription with 321Go.

Q. What do I need to do to keep my website from going down?

A. Simply take 30 seconds to set up a hosting and support subscription using the link at the bottom of this article.

BONUS. We’re including a complimentary re-design of your site from one of our 15 unique, customizable design collections (normally $400).

Q. Will my 321Go website still integrate with Wodify?

A.  Yes, integrations will remain unaffected with all Wodify services.

BONUS.  Your website will seamlessly integrate with any member management system. This ensures you’re not trapped with bundled tools when prices rise again.

Q. What will happen to my SEO? (Google results)

A.  If you keep your 321Go website, you’ll keep all the SEO you’ve gained on the domain. But anytime you build a new website, it’s content must be indexed from scratch.

BONUS.  As a 321Go subscriber, you have free access to the AI SEO Content Generator. (A $100 monthly value)

Q. My current website looks old and out-dated. Should I consider Wodify so I get a new design?

A.  With your current subscription, you have 20 unique design collections to choose from. Why not stand out from the crowd instead of just being another gym with the same website? Let’s get started on revamping your site!

BONUS.  As a 321Go subscriber, you have unlimited copy and image revisions. Also, you have 2 hours of design and development work per month included with your subscription.

Q. What about converting website visitors to leads?

A.  321Go websites have 14 pre-built marketing campaigns, customizable pop-ups, unlimited customizable forms to capture lead information.

BONUS.  321Go software can seamlessly integrate Google, Facebook and Instagram marketing analytics. This way you can make data driven decisions with confidence. Which marketing efforts drive the most traffic to your site? Paid ads, organic social media, newsletters? You have access to this information. Drop us a line if you have questions.

Q. How will billing work?

A.  With Wodify’s price increase, all we need to do is switch billing to 321Go. If there’s an overlap between Wodify’s and 321Go’s bill, we’ll prorate your renewal payment. 30 seconds updating a subscription will save you 30 days of building a website. Subscriptions are month-to-month, no contracts, 30-day notice to cancel. 

BONUS.  If you sign up before February 1st, you’ll have a lifetime of $240 annual savings.

Q. Alright, why should I keep a website with 321Go?

A.  Of all the software tools a business uses, your website domain is the ONLY asset that increases in value. Why not trust this asset with a company that only does websites.  Work with the specialists. Being a generalist is great for fitness, but not for technology and software.

Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well. – Steve Jobs

Q. What if I want to talk to someone?

A. Send a text message or leave a voicemail at +1(854)202-8601 with your business name, timezone, your questions, and a good time for a callback.

📆 Callback Hours:

Friday, Feb 16, 9a-4p EST
Monday, Feb 19, 9a-4p EST
Tuesday, Feb 20, 9a-4p EST

We’re here for you.

Here’s what we’re offering to ease your transition:

– A free Ai-Powered SEO Booster (saving $100/mo).
– A complimentary Full Site Re-Design for a fresh look.

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