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We’re holding the bus for you.

321GoProject Academy closed enrollment on Friday night. We welcomed new gym owners to the most positive group of entrepreneurs in the world, and set them loose on the curriculum. As usual, we started getting emails immediately about how much they were enjoying the course, and their big epiphanies on how to make their business sustainable and profitable.

But this time, we got OTHER emails too:

“I forgot to register because of the holiday!”
“I was traveling and couldn’t login from the airport!”

“I was fighting for my life at Wal-Mart!”

Every time we open the Academy, there are one or two running for the bus as the doors are closing. And we’re happy to let them on board–after all, our mission is to help, and the Academy helps A LOT.

But this time, we’re getting a lot of emails. So we’ll keep the Academy group open through Tuesday night. If you think you missed your last chance to turn your business around before 2016 starts, you’re in luck. Stop waiting for things to improve on their own. Take charge.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]