This past week I saw a commercial that caught my attention.

Commercials don’t normally do that for me. Once they come on, I typically scramble to find the remote and press hard on either the mute or the fast forward button. But this commercial was different. It was Marriott’s #GoldenRule. Maybe you’ve seen it.

In it, the writers talk about what our world would be like if we actually lived by the Golden Rule. It’s idealistic, without a doubt, but inspiring to really think about for a few minutes.

As I was contemplating this kind of world, it occurred to me that big change often starts small. It often starts with a few people resolving to be different.

So instead of wistfully hoping for global change, I thought about where I could be different and live more according to the Golden Rule. What if I really took to heart treating people like I want to be treated? Things like… listen to them like I want to be heard. Share resources like I want to receive. Pay them fairly like I want to be paid. Spend time with them like I want to have people invest time with me. You know, all those things I want for me.

And then I thought about the people I come into contact with every single day. Through my daily work, the largest population I consistently interact with includes entrepreneurs and small business owners, many of them being gym owners.

What if consciously and consistently applying the Golden Rule really took hold with these business owners?

What would that look like?

What if we intentionally treated others with the dignity and respect that we so long for?

So I just starting thinking about how things might be different…

  1. Imagine if instead of seeing new people walking through the doors as a member that equals money, we genuinely saw them as humans with a soul and a story to be told.
  2. Imagine if we weren’t threatened by the guy/girl down the street opening a new gym, but were thrilled because it meant more people had the opportunity to get healthy.
  3. Imagine if we shared the business lessons we’ve learned with those who need the help instead of keeping our ideas close to our chests.
  4. Imagine if we trained our coaches to be the cream of the crop and then celebrated them when they went out and started their own gyms because it meant we could continue to replicate ourselves.
  5. Imagine if as mentors and influencers in others lives we always assumed the posture of a learn-it-all instead of know-it-all.
  6. Imagine if we purposed in our hearts to build each other up and contribute to each other’s good instead of ever criticizing.
  7. Imagine if we didn’t hide behind social media with our snarky comments, but carefully and kindly typed our responses remembering that there was another human on the other end of that response.
  8. Imagine if we fought hard every day against a fixed mindset and instead embraced a growth mindset with a curious spirit.
  9. Imagine if we tackled hard conversations head on because we knew the goal was restoration and peace.
  10. Imagine if we invested our time and energies into being students of our staff so that they were able to be known while finding true purpose and fulfillment.
  11. Imagine if we rooted for each others’ business success the way that American Ninja Warriors cheer each other on while competing.
  12. Imagine if, as business owners, we embraced choosing what is right instead of what is easy.
  13. Imagine if we gave everything we had, every day.

I am fortunate to be a part of a team here at 321Go where these things are lived out… certainly not perfectly, but definitely intentionally. Clay Weldon, founder of 321Go, has surrounded himself with a like-minded group of people who care deeply about these 13 things above. And, as a result, it’s a honor to be on his team.

Is this the kind of team you’re building? Is this the kind of business you’re running as a leader?

For a minute in your busy day, I invite you to stop the wheel that’s spinning, and just imagine.

Think about those 13 what if’s above… where does your life need attention and focus?

All of this may seem idealistic and like pie-in-the-sky thinking, but if every person reading this takes to heart just one of the above and acts differently as a result, our industry – and this world – will be a better place.

If you have the power to make someone happy today, do it. Our world needs more of that.


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