CrossFit and videos go hand in hand

Lately, we have been creating a lot of community videos for our affiliate, CrossFit Park City. Being in the midst of the CrossFit Games Open competition, there have been many opportunities to capture our community in action, working hard each week with the different WOD’s. Everybody likes to see themselves. Video is such an essential part of CrossFit. Why? Because we are all visual creatures. Show me, don’t just tell me. Seeing someone else complete a WOD is not only fun, but also helps build community. Watching each other give it everything they’ve got, builds friendships and creates an energy around your affiliate.

Have someone in your affiliate whip out an iphone or camcorder on your next Open WOD and have some fun.

We also have just finished creating a couple of short video bios for our Trainers on our affiliate site, CrossFit Park City. Instead of just having some trainer pics and bio text, potential clients browsing our site will connect better if they can watch and hear a trainer through a short video. They get the point across and hopefully answer a few questions a new client may have. Check them out for yourself, then go make some for your affiliate.
Chris Spealler – Trainer Bio
Eric OConner – Trainer Bio

Here are a couple video resources for tips and techniques on using video effectively.

Do you find yourself mostly watching everyone else’s videos or does your affiliate contribute to the fun and make their own?

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