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Have You Lost Your Why?

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We all start something – a new business, a new hobby, a new adventure – because we love it. In the beginning, our vision for success often consumes our thinking, our conversations, and our activities. And it’s incredibly fun. We’re inspired by just the thought of success. Everything is new. People encourage our vision. Things feel like they are coming together. We’re going to get to live our dream.

And then…

Reality sets in.

Maybe it’s 6 months down the road, or 6 years, but life happens and we’re sitting alone wondering what in the heck we’re doing. Those encouragers are nowhere to be found. Money is hard to come by. The days are long and our energy is low. The newness has worn off. We have no idea how to get more people through the door. The business is running us and keeps demanding more and more of what we don’t have to give. Some days, maybe most days, it’s just too much.

This weekend we had a gym owner post in our private Facebook group. “Really excited to be here! We hit a major boom for our gym around 4 years ago but in the process of growth we lost our way and more importantly our WHY! The gym was regular for 2 years before it started to drop off. We took the plunge with the Hub to give us a clear direction and to simplify the complication we caused in our business. Actually to say I’m excited is an understatement.”

This got me thinking…

How many gym owners out there have lost their way and their why?

How many of you started out, excited to help people and do what you love, and are now just going through the motions – tired, discouraged, lonely, on the verge of burnout?  You didn’t realize when you started out that you’d have to be a marketing expert, a writer, a therapist, a toilet scrubber, a financial whiz, an event planner, a social media poster, a floor cleaner, a videographer, a lease negotiator, and the list goes on.

Now your business – that thing that used to be a fun dream to think about – feels like a massive burden. Where once you only wanted and expected the best, now you’re satisfied with good enough. Your purpose is nowhere to be found. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. People are counting on you and it feels like too much.

You may even be considering closing up shop.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have created a community that is honestly like no other in the industry. We’ve been involved in the CrossFit / fitness world long enough to know that it can be tough out there. Where can you go for answers to your questions that won’t make you feel like an idiot? No matter how successful we are, we have questions (or we should). We all need a safe place where those questions can be answered.

We spent the last year and a half developing Hub to address all of the above.

We know that many gym owners can’t afford one-on-one business coaching or a high price tagged monthly service. They just need something that won’t break the bank to get them going in the right direction.

If this is you, Hub is your answer.

Our goal with Hub is to create a welcome oasis from noise and offer a source of knowledge and camaraderie for the affiliate community.

And it’s working. Check out these recent comments we’ve gotten in just the last week…

“I just wanted to give a big SHOUTOUT for Hub and this amazing group page. Since joining in January, I have gained focus, understanding, and direction in how to make the business into my vision. Upon numerous business systems created and marketing strategies developed, my most proud accomplishment is converting my members to new membership options.”

“The hub has helped us tremendously:)”

“I can’t tell you how much I have learned in the last 4 months! It’s incredible, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in these next 4.”

Because we know that every dollar spent is one that doesn’t make it into your pocket, we want you to try before you buy so we’re offering a 7 day free trial of Hub. No commitments needed, no strings attached. Just jump in there and try it out. If you like it, keep going. If not, just cancel.

Let the community surround you so that you re-find your way and why. We’re here waiting to help… you just have to take the first step.

We Asked One Question…

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Last week we asked CrossFit/Personal Training gyms and Cheer/Gymnastics/Dance clubs one question and got 200+ thoughtful, individual emails back.

The question was this:

What is one major Pain Point (problem/challenge) that you are dealing with right now as a gym owner?

We asked because we wanted to do a quick pulse check on the fitness industry. We asked because we always want to make sure the content we are putting out is helpful and speaking to things that matter.

Because we asked for their pain point “right now”, the responses covered the gamut of creating an exit plan to managing retail inventory to maximizing profit to paying themselves a salary. There were a few themes, though, that rose to the surface for the majority…

Getting leads, time management, and finding (and keeping) qualified staff were three of the consistent big ones.

It’s obvious to say, but if you don’t have leads coming in your door, can’t prioritize your important things to do, and have a hard time finding good people to work with you, it’s tough to run a good business. No surprise, right?

But what is a surprise is how many gym owners just allow themselves to get (and stay) stuck in the quicksand of their pain points.

So, what is your pain point?

It’s funny how that one question can evoke such emotions. When you think about your pain point, which of these feelings surface – anxiety? fear? inadequacy? being “found out” for being… you fill in the blank? frustration? hope (that if you get it figured out, your life will be so much better)? anger? These are just a few of the emotions we’ve felt as business owners. So, we get it. 

Here are the responses we got, broken out by categories and percentages: 

Pain points are real.  We all have them. The difference between the successful and the not as successful is that the successful actually do something about those pain points. They brainstorm with other business owners to get ideas about how they are recruiting good staff, they aren’t afraid to take calculated risks and change course when the outcome of the risk isn’t want they hoped for, they make that call to a company to help them in the areas where they are struggling. They understand that while paying money out for a service will require sacrifice in the short term, it will (hopefully) produce a good R.O.I. in the long term. They know that you often have to be wise in your spending in order to make money.

If we went back and asked every person who responded, “So, what are you going to do about your pain point?”, how many do you think would have an answer?

Likely, many are stuck. And will remain stuck for far too long.

So, if that’s you and you’re stuck, what’s the best thing you can do? Stare that pain point in the face and get creative.

It most likely won’t go away on it’s own. Have that hard conversation. Get involved in a mastermind group. Hire a mentor. Work with a company who can help you get leads in your door.

We’re certainly not the only company who can help, but we are one really solid option. We’ve been there, we’ve felt the pain of running a small business, we’ve dealt with staff conflict and the pain of trying to find good people, but one of our core values is that we build a relationship with you so that we can really be “in it” with you.

Here are 5 ways we consistently offer help at no charge:

  1. weekly blog on all things related to running a fitness business.
  2. weekly podcast with people who are in the trenches.
  3. free call with one of our team to talk through your pain points and offer ways to help.
  4. One of our Hub courses – the Business Checkup course – is available for free so you can see what you’re doing well and where you need to improve your business.
  5. Try 7 days of Hub at no charge. No strings attached. Just dive in and try it, and if you like it, keep going.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a gym with 2-3 locations and 500+ athletes, or are just getting ready to open your space, pain points are inevitable.

There is a quote that says “Happiness is only real when shared”, which I wholeheartedly agree with. But I also believe that most pain points are best solved when shared. Find someone or a group of people to be in it with you.

An old proverb proclaims that “The counsel of many is wise.” Make the sacrifice (of time, money, or ego) and let someone else in. The smartest people in the room, know that they are not the smartest people in the room.

It’s amazing how much lighter your burden will get when you don’t feel like you’re in it alone.


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9 Things to Give Up On If You Really Want To Be Successful

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It’s easy to think we need to add things to our life if we want to hit our goals – more time, more money, more resources, more, more, more. But, sometimes we don’t even realize how many things we’ve got plugged in that are unnecessary or have a negative effect. The truth of the matter is that in order to get the more you’re hoping for, you may need to give up on a few things first to make room for what’s better.

See if any of these 9 things resonate with you…

1. Give up on the short-term mindset.
Far too many people want that quick fix. If I just had more athletes. If I just got more likes. If I just had more money. If I just… These things are all short-term thinking. What’s your why as a business owner? Who do you want to become as a person? And what do you want to become as a business? Back into these things by determining what needs to happen to make these a reality. And start thinking bigger and for the long-term today. Dream a little.

2. Give up on thinking you’re alone and don’t have people to lean on.
It’s a fact that business owners are some of the loneliest people on the planet because typically there are very few people in their worlds who understand what they’re really going through – the pressures, the stress, the joys, the challenges. In this industry, there are plenty of good people who will get in the trenches with you. Our M3 groups are a great start if you want accountability and community support. With building a business comes inevitable pressure. You don’t have to walk this road alone.

3. Give up on your excuses.
We all have them. For why we’re not this, or that, or better, or more, or different. We all know these excuses have to stop. We don’t like it when we hear excuses from other people, so why do we allow ourselves to make them? Only you are responsible for the choices you make and the direction your life takes. I can promise you that people far less smart than you threw away their excuses and went for it. And they are now reaping the rewards of not being held back by fear, or uncertainty, or feelings of inadequacy. Everybody is scared at some level. Embrace your fear and go for it. Own your choices, your business, and your life; because no one else will.

4. Give up on blaming someone or something else for not being where you’d like to be.
One key difference between the successful and all the rest is the ability to take responsibility for all of your actions, reactions, and lack of actions. No one else is making you scroll through that news feed (again), no one else is keeping your bottom line in the red, no one else is making you react in anger, or fear, or whatever emotion you choose in the moment. You may not know exactly how to make a change, but everything is possible if you commit yourself to learning and growing one step at a time.

5. Give up on your dependency to social media.
Start by paying attention to how much you check your different social media accounts – Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter. How many times per day? Many people would lose count after 50. We just want that quick fix. You may have seen the Millennials video by Simon Sinek where he talks about how social media notifications cause our brains to release dopamine. This is the very same chemical that is released with drugs, gambling, cigarettes, and alcohol. It’s what causes addiction, which is to say we can literally become addicted to our smartphones. For many, this is probably not a surprise. It’s scary how much our phones are ruling our lives. Today, at a minimum, start paying attention to this. And, as a side note, if you’re on your phone while driving, for the love, please stop. Throw your phone in the back seat so you minimize the temptation. You have people who you matter to. A lot.

6. Give up on hoping there’s a magic bullet.
We watch gym owners every day attach onto the latest and greatest crazes. They think something like this, “If it works for him/her like they say it does, surely it’s gotta work for me!” Problem is there really are no magic bullets, and they can’t see all the work that went into making it so successful for the other person. And, the other problem is that that statement sounds like it comes from a desperate place of grasping at straws hoping that one tiny straw you grab is the magic one that will eliminate all headaches. Here’s the truth… it never does. Don’t go for the shiny objects; instead go for the tried and true options that require plain old fashioned work every day to make it happen. Not as sexy, but much more effective. Do the little things every day, and let the compound effect do what it does best of multiplying those little things to equal big success.

7. Give up on trying to get everyone to like you.

We humans are funny folks. We like what we like, and have a very difficult time with what (and who) we don’t like. Often it’s just because we’ve created something in our minds that we now believe about a certain person or thing; but for whatever reason, it’s what we do. That said, you’re never, and I mean never, going to please everyone. So, definitely listen to the voice of your customer, but then run your business in such a way that you can lay your head on the pillow at night and rest easy. It’s a losing battle to try to make happy the ones who just don’t want to be happy.

8. Give up on being the martyr.
As a business owner, you’ve got it rough. No one will deny you that. There are long hours, unhappy customers, unmet expectations, scary bank accounts, trying to figure out how to wear 50 hats… to name just a few of the challenges of owning a business. But the successful people press on, and don’t fall prey to the sword of martyrdom. At the end of the day, people are selfish. They don’t really care about how hard life is for you. They just want a good product delivered every time. ​So, instead of complaining or being negative with your team and/or athletes, lean into your community of business owners when things are hard, because they will understand. It may feel good for the moment to be a martyr with those in your business, but that feeling is not worth it for the long-term. Give your clients your best.

9. Give up on dreaming small dreams.
It’s definitely not that we dream too big… if we only knew (and believed in) how much potential we actually have, our dreams would multiply exponentially. Think of the person you respect the most. Now, let me tell you something… you have just as much potential as them. What is it that you really want? Who is it that you really want to be? None of that is out of the question. It’s all within your reach… if you apply yourself, and If you are willing to accept the sacrifices it will take to get there. It won’t be overnight, but if you work at it every day, before you know it, you’ll be living all those things that only used to be a dream.

Oh, and one more that’s a bonus tip…. We’ve all heard it said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Apply this last one and you’ll win every time, every if you don’t come in “first place”.

Give up on quitting.
Winners are not quitters. They may not always get it right, but one thing is for certain, they do not quit. They know when to adjust course. They know when to go faster, or slow down. They know when to bring in experts to help with things they don’t understand. But they do not quit. They don’t walk away when things get tough, but they buckle down and focus all the more. They know their tendencies can be to get discouraged, so they surround themselves with people who will motivate them and push them to be the best version of themselves. A quote from The Slight Edge (which is an incredible book, by the way) goes like this… “It’s in the last 20 percent of the time we invest in a discipline that [the majority] of the rewards come.” How true is this?? Far too often we give up before we actually reap the rewards. Put your fingers back on the grindstone and keep at it. A little while down the road, you’ll be really glad you did.

Success is simple, but it’s not easy.


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Want New Clients? Pay Attention To These 10 Things…

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Your business is probably changing lives, I will certainly give you that. The fact that every day you open your doors to the world in an effort to help them become better humans is nothing short of amazing. You may work a full-time job and then also run your business because it’s your passion, and that’s incredible. Or, you’ve sacrificed everything so that others can benefit from the thing that you’re an expert at, and that’s admirable.

But what if you could capture more leads?

Most of us get so immersed in our businesses that we forget what it’s like to be the new person just discovering us. We don’t think about how someone actually sees us for the first time. We fail to put ourselves in “their” shoes. If you’re a business owner, there are a few things you’d do well to keep in mind when you think about how a new potential client may view your business.

Here are 10 things I’d like to say to business owners to help them gain my business:

  1. My first impression of you is formed by looking at your website. Unless I hear about you from a friend, 9 times out of 10 I will find you through your website. There are 3 things I’m processing as soon as I click on your .com… #1 – “Does your website look current and fresh?” (if “no”, I actually don’t even consider the following 2 questions, I just move on to check out your competition). But if “yes”, I ask #2 – “Does it look like I would fit in there?” (by looking at your pictures), and #3 – “Does the vibe you’re communicating through your website look like something I would want to be a part of?”. All this happens in the first 7 seconds.
  2. If your website passes the 7 second test, then I go to your “About Us” page to see if you look like the kind of people I want to connect with. Your About Us page definitely matters to me… Do you look fun? Do you look relatable? Your staff pictures (videos are even better so I can get to know you a little) and how you write your bios are decision makers for whether I’ll reach out to you… or not.
  3. I found your website because I googled something. Maybe it’s “best workout in Charleston”, or “fitness gyms in Charleston”, or something similar. If you don’t show up in the top 5 (or better yet, top 3) when I google these things, I’m not going to find you and I’ll reach out to someone who does show up.
  4. When I search for you, I’m definitely going to read your reviews. What are people saying about you? How many people are saying nice things? What are the negative things? (I may even look at these first, if there are any.) Subconsciously I’m thinking that what other people say about you and how many say great things will most likely reflect the experience I will have with you.
  5. Written testimonials don’t matter nearly as much to me as video testimonials. Written testimonials, while ok, can sometimes feel contrived. They don’t feel nearly as genuine and engaging as being able to watch someone (in under 90 seconds) use emotion to talk about why they love being a part of what you are providing. They make me want what they have.
  6. It’s intimidating to come into your business for the first time. I’ve most likely been “researching” you for a while (weeks or even months). And, now I’m here because I’ve liked what I’ve heard, seen, and read. But, we all remember what it’s like to be the “new kid”. It feels like all eyes are on you. Everything feels awkward, but exciting. It’s hard to not know what everyone else knows – the culture, the language, who likes who, what the staff is like, am I wearing the right things, will I fit in, etc. It feels like the first day of 5th grade at a new school all over again. You make me feel welcome (and not like the odd man out), I’ll be forever thankful and stick around.
  7. I’m not necessarily looking for friends at the place I do business. Especially in the service industry, like fitness, often times we proclaim how great our community is and we say that’s what differentiates us. But, for the most part, people aren’t coming into your gym looking for new friends. It will be a by-product, most likely, but it’s not what I am focused on initially. Don’t tell me how great your community is, show me.  
  8. If I email you and get an automated reply (“Thanks for writing. We’d love to talk to you. Blah blah blah”), that doesn’t feel genuine to me. Automated email replies feel just that – automated. I’d prefer it so much more if you’d just reply back to me within 24 hours (the sooner, the better) with a personalized email, making me feel like you really were glad I reached out.
  9. If you don’t answer the phone when I call, I’m probably going to move on to your competitors. I know we all are busy and it’s not always feasible to pick up the phone every time, but when you do, it makes a huge difference. Oh and when I call, I’d love it if I felt like you were really glad I called (smile when you’re talking).
  10. No one cares about your business like you do. I’m checking out your business because of what I need. I have a “problem” and I think you may be able to help me solve it. But, honestly, I only care about your business to the point that it serves me. I know that may sound selfish, but it’s the truth.   

You’re probably no different. Start paying attention to the process you go through when you are in need of someone’s services. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings that a new person experiences.

There is a lot of competition out there. When you show up in big ways (which are often creating by doing a lot of little things right), people will take notice and want to be a part of what you’ve built.


In summary, here are the ten things. How are you doing on each of these?

  • Invest in an awesome website (this will pay you back in dividends).
  • Make your About Us page fun.
  • Show up in the top 3 when people search for you.  
  • Have great reviews, and a lot of them (at minimum 25-30).
  • Put video testimonials on your website (at least 3-5).
  • Make people feel “at home” at every point of contact with you.
  • Show the power of your community.
  • Get rid of automated response emails when someone first emails you.
  • Answer your phone.
  • Keep clients needs always at the forefront.

Stuck on some of these things? We can help. Check out how.

If you want to schedule a quick call with us, we’d love to chat. Just click here to find a time that works with your schedule.


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You May Not Want To Hear This, But…

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You’re Fat.

And so am I.

Let me prove it to you.

List out how many articles you’ve read in the last week. Name the podcasts you’ve listened to over the past 7-14 days. Write down how many pages of a book you’ve consumed recently, and how many video tutorials you’ve watched lately. Think about the conversations you’ve had that have spurred you on in the last few days.

Now… write out what you’ve actually done about all that information you’ve consumed.

What action items have you completed that brought about a change in your business or yourself?

If you’re like me, you can’t even name all that you’ve listened to and read… even just in one week.

(think about all the articles you’ve stopped on while scrolling Facebook.)

We live in an information overload age. It used to be hard to get a book or blog published. Not now. Articles are a dime a dozen, and many of them are really good. Self-help books line the bookshelves, maybe your bookshelves. Business books abound. Just this past week, I’ve been referred to 9 of them, every time someone saying, “You have to read this one.”

So, why do we do it? Why do we keep consuming like our life depends on it? Why do we feed our minds an excessive amount… all. the. time?

Because learning is good, and consuming is easy. It makes us feel like we’re improving.

But, unless we’re actually doing something about what we’re consuming, the simple truth is our minds are just getting fat.

In the fitness industry, we fight obesity every day, but what about our minds? As a business owner, if change is going to happen, it has to start with you.

How many journals have you started that only have 15 pages written in them? How many goals have you set that just continue to remain un-hit? I cleaned off my desk yesterday and had 7, yes SEVEN notebooks that I had started. Like a new notebook will somehow help me be more diligent.

So, how do you tighten up? How do you get your mind fit?

Do something about what you’re consuming.

Decide today that you’re not going to allow yourself to read another article without acting on one takeaway. Just one.

Don’t listen to another podcast without writing down the one thing you’re going to do as a result of sacrificing 20 or 45 minutes of your day.

As you’re reading a book, take notes. Write out your action items from your notes, and then do them.

m3logov1Join a MOMENTUM Master Mind (M3) group of like-minded business owners and a 321Go Business Coach who will hold you accountable to actually GSD (get sh#t done).

It’s time to take action.

We’re already 1 month into 2017… how’s your year going?

Are you making the changes you hoped… or is it just more of the same?

Doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results only breeds frustration and more of the same.

It’s time for me to clean house, friends. Maybe you too. Let’s get rid of the proverbial chips and ice cream, and start working out our minds so that our businesses will be healthy and strong.

Schedule a quick call with us to see how we can help.


This post was written by Julie Weldon (